The light display on the corner of Spinnaker and Beamreach serves as a reminder to many Anchorage residents of the reason for the season.

"I guess I started back maybe 15, 18 years ago [and it] just keeps growing," homeowner John Anderson said. "I can't seem to turn down a Christmas figure whenever I find one in the garage sale."

Anderson started his display when his kids were small with just two decorations: a snowman and a Santa.

"I put it on the porch and that's all it was for many years until it started to grow and have a life of it's own," Anderson said. "Interestingly enough, two of my daughters live within a four block radius of our house here and they come over and now it's the grandkids who really enjoy it."

One of Anderson's favorite features is the synchronized trees that light up with the music. He said there's a neighbor at the end of the street who tells him her Christmas doesn't really start until those trees are out.

"The snowman convention? My wife's idea," Anderson said. " We had gotten so many of the snowmen and wanted to kind of a grouping and she came up with that idea and made the sign and then it was just two years ago that I had enough Santas that I needed to do something with them and that's when the idea of Santa's Helper School came up."

Anderson said his "reason for the season" sign is a new addition this year and was made by his wife. It's posted near the Natvity scene that's in the center of the display.

"Drive by and have a look," Anderson said. "Enjoy it as much as we do putting it up."

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