In the dim room, electric candles light up darkness on Friday while staff and clients at Bean's Cafe remembered those who have been lost this year.

Employees read the names of the 22 clients who died around Anchorage this year during the organization's annual candlelight vigil.

Three years ago, there were twice as many names to read than there were in 2018. However, the downward trend does little to comfort the staff. 

"I think any time we lose a client it's personal for all of us who work here," executive director Lisa Sauder said. "All of our staff, all of our volunteers, because these are people we mostly see everyday and care about."

Sauder credits the community doing more to help the helpless, but she said there's more that needs to be done.

"We're certainly not where we need to be yet," she said. "For example, we opened our doors last night for emergency cold shelter, so we are now operating 24 hours a day, offering overnight shelter for about 100 people." 

The vigil was part of the National Homeless Persons Memorial Day.

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