If you have some spare change, the Salvation Army is hoping you will put it in one of their red kettles. Salvation Army Capt. Peter Pemberton said kettle donations have been down the last three years, but so far this one is the worst.

According to Pemberton, the nonprofit needs to raise another $52,000 in kettle donations to meet this year's budget. He said the money goes to fund a variety of programs in the Anchorage area including drug and alcohol rehab, food banks, shelters and services for older Alaskans.

"We know that there is a great deal of need in Anchorage and beyond," Pemberton said. "We just want to meet that human need (and) make sure that we meet every need that every person has, so that they can have a life filled with dignity."

Pemberton said he believes the economy is responsible for the lull in donations, but added that the need is still there. He said even a small donation can add up.

"It's amazing what one dollar can do when an entire community comes together and puts that dollar in," Pemberton said. "One dollar can turn into $10,000 very quickly when a community responds."

Right now, the red kettle campaign is scheduled to end on Christmas Eve, although Pemberton said there's a chance it could continue through the first of the year.

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