An inmate at an Alaska correctional facility was sentenced to more time behind bars for distributing opioids that caused overdoses of four other inmates in 2017.

Dorothy Lantz, 37, was sentenced Wednesday to serve an additional 40 months in prison after she smuggled in nearly half a gram of fentanyl. She will have an additional three years of supervised release after serving her sentence, according to the Dec. 19 release from U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder's office.

According to court documents, Lantz was picked up on a probation violation and then booked into Hiland Mountain Correction Center (HMCC) in October 2017. At the time she had .38 of a gram of the opioid fentanyl inside of her body. 

When she arrived, Lantz gave the drug to another inmate, who passed some of it along to others. Between Oct. 30 to 31, there were five overdoses at HMCC, which were all traced back to Lantz. All of those inmates survived.

Court documents revealed Lantz had traded the drug for commissary items such as coffee. 

During her sentencing, she said smuggling fentanyl into prison, then distributing it was a bad decision, according to the release. 

The judge handing down the sentence said the overdoses were a "significant event," and if the overdoses were fatal, Lantz would be looking at "years, not months."

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