The eye-catching lights in the South Vicki Way neighborhood dance through the darkness.

But the show really comes alive when you tune in your radio to 104.7 FM.

Classic Christmas carols and funkier renditions like the techno version of the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" fill your car as you drive around looking at the synchronized lights.

It's a holiday harmony Raquel Luna started about a decade ago in the neighborhood where she grew up. She now owns a house, a business and several rental properties along the street.

"We did my house first, then I started incorporating the neighbors, then it started to be more neighbors. Then I started doing everyone who wanted to do it," Luna said.

The lights are set to about 30 different songs on a program called, "Light-O-Rama."

Every year, the display grows a little bigger and brighter. Luna said preparations begin in September when she and her family look over the lights and make repairs.

Luna said the attraction has become quite a draw. She said hundreds of cars lined the street on Christmas Eve last year and spent hours waiting for their turn to drive around the neighborhood.

It's her way of bringing a little magic into the holiday season.

"The kids, the smiles," Luna described her favorite parts. "It's nothing but my time but to be able to do something just to bring joy and happiness to other people."

The South Vicki Way neighborhood is located off Blue Lupine Drive near the Seward Meridian Parkway.

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