A woman’s return to a Fairbanks bar Monday left her car awash in the Chena River and herself behind bars, according to local police.

Photos posted by the City of Fairbanks on Facebook show the white sedan, sporting a “TIC TAC” license plate, sitting in the water before it was recovered from the river. After the vehicle was "deliberately driven" onto the frozen river, responders said, it "broke through the ice."

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The driver, identified by city officials as Stacy Huffman, was arrested on a DUI charge.

“Her blood alcohol content was .163, over twice the legal level,” Fairbanks officials wrote.

FPD Ofc. Doug Welborn said Huffman and a male friend of hers had been drinking until about 4 p.m. Monday at the Boatel, an old bar along the Chena near Airport Way and Washington Drive.

“The bartender said they didn’t come back until about 6:45 p.m.,” Welborn said. “They came in soaking wet; she mentioned that she had driven into the river.”

Bar employees kept Huffman and her friend warm until police arrived. Welborn said officers asked Huffman why she drove into the river, but didn’t get a clear answer.

“We saw that white 2008 Nissan Versa that had basically driven off an embankment,” Welborn said. “[Huffman] said she was unsure of how it happened.”

Huffman was held after medics finished evaluating her and determined that she had been driving drunk, according to Welborn. Neither she nor her friend were injured.

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