A group of Anchorage students from King Technical High School and cadets from the Anchorage Military Academy built 70 news cabinets for Camp Fire Alaska on Tuesday.

The event, facilitated by The Alaska Carpenters Training Trust, gave students the chance to build cabinets that will be used t store all the supplies Camp Fire uses for their activities.

"The cabinets we have, we've had over 20 years and they are in disrepair," Joanne Phillips-Nutter, senior director of development and marketing for Camp Fire Alaska, said.

A cadet at the Anchorage Military Academy said it's not only nice to help other students who need something, but also to learn a skill she could use later in life.

"This makes me want to do carpentry work," Jasmine Nichols said. "I'm actually going to look more in to it."

Building materials were donated by Alaska Industrial Hardware, Rain Proof Roofing, Spenard Builders Supply and 3M. The new cabinets should be ready to use after the new year.

"It's just been really heartwarming and wonderful to see so many people come together to support Camp Fire," Phillips-Nutter said.

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