In a Tuesday morning update, Chugach Electric officials posted on their Facebook page that power has been restored to most of those in the Anchorage area.

"We are down to approx. 125 members without power due to the accident at Dowling & B. Crew continues to work on repairs," the Facebook post read.

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Chugach officials also said in the Facebook post that power has been restored to all those affected in Girdwood.

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More than 1,200 Chugach Electric customers are without power in Anchorage after a dump truck crashed through power lines early Tuesday morning.

According to Chugach Electric communications manager Julie Hasquet, the truck went into the lines at Dowling and B Street. Crews are on their way to repair the damage, but there are still lines on the ground.

The outage will impact service on Dowling between Arctic and Lake Otis up to International, Hasquet said. People moving through the area should avoid the downed lines.

 There are three more outages affecting Chugach Electric customers, including one in Girdwood, one in Whittier and another in Hope.

Hasquet said the Girdwood outage happened after a 100-foot Spruce tree fell on power lines in the area. Crews are working on repairs, but customers should expect to be without power for at least five more hours.

Crews were sent out at around midnight to fix the outages in Whittier and Hope, which are likely weather related, Hasquet said.

There is no estimated time for when power will be restored for the 1,220 people in Anchorage, but Hasquet said they are working on getting customers back on track "safely and quickly."

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