A Canadian hotel company is set to own Alaska’s largest ski resort by next year.

“We have many ideas, many things that excite us,” Ryan Pomeroy, CEO of Pomeroy Lodging, said in an interview on Thursday.

He believes there's great potential for year-round accessibility and opportunities to do more at the mountain resort during the winter. 

“We are here to take the resort to the next level,” Pomeroy said.

Pomeroy Lodging is a family-run business that has owned and operated over 65 businesses, which are comprised of over 15 different brands; including a large resort in Alberta, Canada.

“We have five core values that we really base all the decisions of the company on,” Pomeroy said. “Those are honesty, quality, industry, winning and family; those are big parts of what we are.”

Pomeroy has been to Girdwood five times. On his most recent trip with his wife, he described Alyeska as “world class,” but buying the ski resort was not always the plan. He had hoped his company could just buy the hotel, as the business has never operated a ski resort before. He then realized the two work hand-in-hand.

“As soon as we were here, we realized how integral the ski resort was to the hotel, and the community,” Pomeroy said.

A Friday release from Alyeska Resort stated the sale of Alyeska to Pomeroy Lodging announced earlier this year is now final. The current management team, Alyeska Resort Management Co., will remain in place through the 2019 season.

Alyeska will be one of the largest acquisitions for Pomeroy Lodging and it’s their first property in the United States.

“All those things are just very exciting for us,” Pomeroy said.

Alyeska opened Friday for season pass holders and opens for the general public Saturday. The aerial tram is currently the only way up or down the mountain and Glacier Bowl Express is the only lift running.

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