A man probation officers have repeatedly warned is a danger to the community was arrested on Nov. 30 for an alleged assault on his girlfriend and released the next day, only to be arrested for allegedly shooting the same victim less than two weeks later. 

Tristan Grant, known by the moniker "Goo", has an extensive criminal history involving drugs, illegal weapons, and violence. 

According to a criminal complaint filed by Anchorage Police Officer Tanner Worosher, a woman identified by the initials A.B. said her boyfriend, 33-year-old Grant, punched and scratched her following an argument on Nov. 9, then chased her out of her apartment. The woman reported she was able to get back inside and lock him out, but said he then punched her window, breaking the glass.

"After Grant left," the complaint states, "he and A.B. exchanged text messages in which Grant threatened to return to A.B.'s apartment and harm her." 

A court document filed on Dec. 1 states Grant was arrested on a warrant for the assault after APD responded to a report of a disturbance at Club Sinrock on Nov. 29 and found Grant with A.B.  

According to online court records in the case, Grant was released on his own recognizance on Dec. 1, per Magistrate Smith. 

When someone is released on their own recognizance, they're not required to post monetary bail. The defendant is released on the promise that they will follow all laws, and attend their scheduled court appearances.

Grant was placed on supervision by the Pretrial Enforcement Division, without electronic monitoring, and barred from having any contact with A.B. — a court order police say he violated when he shot her multiple times on Wednesday.

According to charging documents in the most recent case, APD officers responded to A.B.'s home and found her with multiple gunshot wounds. 

An affidavit from APD detective James Anderson says they spoke to a witness identified as L.P., who had been spending time with both Grant and A.B. 

The witness told APD that the victim is a childhood friend, and he knew her boyfriend as "Goo." He said the two were bickering as they drove around that day and when they arrived at A.B.'s home, she locked herself in her bedroom and told Grant he was not allowed to stay the night.

"L.P. said 'Goo' was preparing to leave the apartment and was looking for his pistol. L.P. said 'Goo' couldn't find it so he wanted to look in A.B.'s bedroom. 'Goo' got A.B. to open the door to her room. 'Goo' entered the room, A.B. stepped into the hallway. L.P. then heard a gunshot and noticed that A.B. was bleeding and 'Goo' was holding a gun. L.P. heard 'Goo' say 'You did that to yourself.' L.P. said 'Goo' left and tried to hand the pistol to him. L.P. refused to touch the pistol. 'Goo' left the apartment. L.P. went to another apartment to call 911." 


In a Nixle alert, APD said A.B. was shot multiple times in the lower body. According to the affidavit, her injuries required surgery. 

Multiple petitions to revoke probation filed in a 2011 felony drug case show both state and federal probation officers believed Grant to be a danger to the community. 

The first petition to revoke his probation alleged he violated his conditions within the first three weeks of being released: 

"The defendant has a long history with weapons and his now charged with three new felonies related to a shooting on August 24, 2011. Further at the time of his arrest on outstanding warrants a loaded handgun was located between his feet and a large amount of US currency along with a digital scale with cocaine residue on it was removed from the defendant's pockets. When he was booked into jail thirteen (13) bindles of crack cocaine were located on his person. Theses latest violations are being actively investigated by federal law enforcement for new federal charges. The defendant has shown that he has an affinity for firearms and continues to put the community at risk." 


A second petition to revoke probation filed in December 2015 reiterates growing concern about public safety: 

"The defendant is extremely dangerous, and continues to participate in illegal activities. The defendant has a history of absconding while on bail, and presents a great risk to the community." 


A third petition to revoke Grant's probation filed in September 2016 reports he was once again found to be near a firearm: 

"The defendant has a substantial criminal history including robbery in the first degree, multiple assaults, and misconduct involving weapons and an assault charge stemming from him shooting at another individual. His prior history on supervision and the fact that he was found in a vehicle containing drugs and firearms that was being operated by a known felon with gang affiliations is highly concerning. [...] The defendant is on federal probation and state probation. The federal probation officers are very concerned about the public safety and were doing a home visit. Another resident at the defendant's reported residence stayed at the residence all weekend and said he did not know the defendant and the defendant did not stay there over the weekend. The defendant has a lot of friends who are convicted felons and drug dealers. When the defendant was arrested, he had seven hundred twenty-five ($725) dollars in cash. The defendant could not explain how he got the money and joked that he was a drug dealer. " 


Following his latest arrest for the shooting of A.B., Grant appeared in court Thursday for an arraignment. The judge noted he scored a six on the risk assessment tool, categorizing him as a 'moderate risk' for committing new crimes if released on bail. 

Grant's bail is now set at $150,000, and must be paid in cash in order for him to be released before trial.

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