A demolition permit has been issued to the owners of the 4th Avenue Theater, according to the Municipality of Anchorage.

The work description reads, "Complete demo down to foundation walls." 

The permit was issued to Peach Investments, which owns the building, and to a company named Central Environmental Inc. The municipality's website shows that two reviews for the permit were completed on Dec. 10 and 11.

But Derrick Chang, whose parents own Peach Investments, said the company has no plans to tear down the historic theater at this time.

Chang said the permit is needed to do interior maintenance work in the building to include repairs to plumbing and heating systems. He said the building will also be inspected for earthquake damage to see if additional repairs may be needed to ensure the building is structurally sound.

Chris Schutte, director of Economic and Community Development for the municipality, confirmed the city had issued Peach a new demolition permit that is good for one year. Schutte added that "a demolition permit is very generic and very broad: it covers demolition of portions of a structure."

Schutte said that would include the interior maintenance work as described by Chang, but could also include the complete demolition of the building.

In order to demolish the theater, Schutte said the company would need to obtain additional permits, such as a Right of Way permit to close the sidewalk during demolition or a Traffic Permit to close down the lane next to the theater for trucks to haul rubble away.  

Screenshot of the city's website listing for the permit.


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