Gov. Mike Dunleavy and 12 other newly elected governors met with President Donald Trump and top federal officials on Thursday at the White House.

During the meeting Dunleavy thanked the president for his encouragement and offer of federal assistance after November's 7.0 quake.

“We have a strong partner in the Oval Office. The President understands that Alaska is America’s natural resource warehouse. Our state’s vast reserves of energy and minerals can power the nation’s economy, creating new jobs, prosperity for Alaskan families and, new revenue at the state and federal level,” Gov. Dunleavy said.

The governor also met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. According to Dunleavy's office, the two talked about the process of opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and transferring 5.4 million acres of federal land owed to the state under the Alaska Statehood Act.

“Next month will mark the 60th anniversary of statehood and Alaska is still waiting to receive all the land it is entitled to under the Statehood Act. It is time to complete the transfer of land, so Alaskans can have access to the land and decide the best uses for it, not the federal government,” Gov. Dunleavy said.

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