As Dean Martin once sang, "It's a marshmallow world in the winter." As that song fills the airwaves on this December day, it fits. The National Weather Service officially reported 8 inches of snow at their station from this storm — basically doubling our season-to-date snowfall up until this point. 


The non-stop snow for nearly 48 hours was thanks to a stalled out low-pressure center.  It tracked into the region early this week, first moving into Prince William Sound. As the storm moved back to the north and west, it slowly settled right over Anchorage, so we had a direct tap of moisture and winds to give us heavy snowfall late Wednesday into Thursday morning. In the radar loop below, you can see that moment. 

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It amounted to quite a bit of snow across Southcentral, with many places picking up the better part of a foot. It is a dry snow, making it very light and fluffy. 

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Gayle McIntire shared this video of the snow at her cabin in Kasilof. She says more than a foot added up by late Wednesday. 

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With cold temperatures in the forecast, this most recent snowfall is here to stay. Looking ahead, all of that cold means approaching storms will bring even more chances for snow in the coming days. 

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