Anchorage has the highest number of buildings and homes marked "unsafe" to enter by city inspectors after the Nov. 30 earthquake, according to new data from Municipality of Anchorage officials. The latest numbers released on Dec. 12 show in Eagle River and surrounding areas, 78 buildings were red-tagged, not far behind Anchorage's 87 red-tagged structures.

Maps provided by the director of the Anchorage Office of Economic and Community Development, Christopher Schutte, show the locations of the municipal-inspected buildings and homes. Those who occupy red-tagged buildings and homes have been told they can no longer enter or live in those spaces.

According to Schutte, the reason why Anchorage damage numbers are higher than those in Eagle River and Turnagain Arm is because there are about three times as many buildings and homes in the area, not that Anchorage was more susceptible to earthquake damage.




Yellow-tagged buildings and homes are the most common across all areas, the data shows. These are places that have been marked for "restricted use," meaning city inspectors found these homes to be damaged to the point that additional aftershocks could increase the damage or risk associated with them.

The maps also show a significant number of green-tagged homes, which have been inspected and cleared of any apparent structural hazards.

As of midday Dec. 12, Schutte's office is reporting the following data for the three areas: 

Red - 87
Yellow - 194
Green - 186

Northern Communities (Eagle River and surrounding areas)
Red - 78
Yellow - 90
Green - 39

Turnagain Arm
Red - 7
Yellow - 12
Green - 6

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