Facing Foster Care in Alaska wants you to consider a different kind giving this holiday season. 

Rep. Les Gara and Amanda Metivier, a founder of Facing Foster Care in Alaska, have launched a holiday drive to collect laptops for foster youth across the state. The two organizers believe laptops are a lifeline for foster youth to keep up in school, apply for jobs, and stay connected to friends and family. 

Facing Foster Care in Alaska gives away over 50 laptops every year through the Laptops for Foster Youth program. 

University of Alaska Anchorage freshman Benjamin Miller received his new laptop on Tuesday and plans to use it to continue online classes next semester. 

"A lot of the older foster youth don't really have stable foster homes or they leave their foster home and go to college and don't come back for Christmas break or anything," Miller said.  "Having that little bit of support from the community can make a difference and make a terrible holiday a pretty good one."

People can donate a new laptop, preferably a Chromebook, or give a tax deductible cash donation to Facing Foster Care in Alaska. Organizers say monetary donations are best because the program can get a discount when they order computers in bulk. 

Donations to the Laptops for Foster Youth program can be made online.

Those who wish to donate laptop, should contact Facing Foster Care in Alaska at (907) 230-8237 by text, or email info@ffcalaska.org for more information on computer donations.

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