Alaska Waste is offering reduced rates on extra bags and bulk item pickup for their customers who are continuing cleanup efforts after the earthquake.

“We’re happy to announce that we’re now able to offer some rate relief on extra bags and bulk items in the aftermath of the earthquake for our Anchorage and Eagle River customers," officials said in a press release Monday. "After the quake on Nov. 30, we asked regulators to approve rate reductions for extra refuse and bulky items. Our request was approved."

Pickup for extra bags and bulk items will now be half-off. The discounted rate will stand through Dec. 21.

"If you put out extra bags, you’ll automatically be billed $1.52 to $1.79 per bag, depending on location," officials said in the release. "For bulky items, please note, you need to call us to schedule a pick-up. Each bulk item is roughly $15, depending on location."

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