It's moving day for Steve and Donna Lufkin.

"We moved in in May of last year," Steve Lufkin said.

He and his wife have to move from their Eagle River home, having no choice after Friday's 7.0 earthquake.

"We have to abandon our house, it got hit by the earthquake," Lufkin said. "We have damage down below in the crawl space, some of the concrete is cracked."

Their home is one of about a dozen at Rivers Edge Condos deemed 'unsafe to occupy' by city inspectors.

Across town, there are cracks opened up in the road and lawns of several homes. Some people do not have to move, but building inspectors let them know parts of the homes are not safe.

You still can't check out anything from the Chugiak-Eagle River Library. It remains closed along with municipal offices inside the Eagle River Town Center Building.

"It's been due back the last few days," Kayla Southard said after visiting the library to return a DVD she rented.

Luckily for Southard, she and others have no need to worry. All overdue fees have been waived while the library is closed.

Meanwhile, there's no word when the Town Center Building will re-open for business and the doors remain open at Eagle River Pawn, but not to customers.

Construction crews are making sure the building is stable enough for owners to clear out the store. It will likely be demolished after the roof collapsed during the quake.

It's a similar story around town, as other businesses remain closed, or are operating again.

The annual charity bazaar is also back in business at the Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center. The quake postponed the event by one week.

"It's been very productive, people have been selling their wares, it's wonderful," resident Mary Johnson said.

It's not so wonderful for the Lufkins, who continue to pack.

"Fortunately we were able to find housing we should be able to get into Monday on JBER, housing on base, we're very fortunate about that," Steve Lufkin said.

He and his wife are not the only ones who have to say goodbye to River Heights Loop.

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