Winter in Alaska is full of traditions: holidays, family gatherings, and of course, Fur Rendezvous.

Nominations for Lord and Lady Trapper are being taken until 11 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7.

The Lord and Lady Trapper are outstanding citizens, chosen for their contributions to the success of the community through business, community involvement and service to Fur Rendezvous.

The position dates back to the first Lord Trapper in 1981 and first Lady Trapper in 1997. They're chosen each year by former Lords and Ladies.

The honored duo will join the Rondy Royal Court, which also includes Fur Rondy Queen, two Princesses, Heritage Ambassador, King and Queen Regent and the beloved mascot, Rondy Bear.

Last year's Lord and Lady Trapper were Bob Lester and Lori Brewer.

The 2019 Fur Rondy is Feb. 22 - Mar. 3.

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