The pastor of a Fairview church is feeling grateful, even though a fire, which started during Friday's earthquake, heavily damaged his church. Pastor Pio Tyrell said a downed power line that touched the roof of the church was responsible for the blaze that damaged the sanctuary at the Jubilee Christian Center. Fortunately, no one was inside.

"I can't say how grateful we are for the first responders, who left families of their own to fight the fire right after the earthquake," said Tyrell. "I wish I had time to shake their hands personally and say thank you to them."

Tyrell said insurance adjusters have surveyed the damage which is likely to run hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the sanctuary appears to be the only part of the building that was damaged. He said the building was purchased about a year and a half ago, the first that the church has actually owned. He's grateful it was not declared a total loss.

"We believe this is a little delay but it's going to strengthen our faith," said Tyrell.

Tyrell said a popular program at the church that handed out clothing to people in need has been suspended because of the fire. The congregation is meeting elsewhere for now, a church in Muldoon has donated meeting space. He said it's indicative of the many people who have offered to help.

"The community pulled together for us, we can't take our hats off enough to everyone."

Tyrell said he's confident the church will be rebuilt and hopeful insurance money will come through. There is also a GoFundMe page if people would like to help with donations.

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