The Anchorage Women's Club hosted their annual Christmas Tea today, but most thoughts were on the historic Pioneer Schoolhouse, where the event was held. The damage caused by last week's 7.0 earthquake is still being assessed. 

"The stairs are a little sunken in," said club president Shannon Jones. "They're worried there might be some structure damage which they have to further research to tell us, but we're really concerned because we're all passionate about preserving this."

The Municipality of Anchorage has named the Anchorage Women's Club the custodian of the building. The club led the charge to save it from being torn down after the earthquake in 1964 and current members are hopeful the 103-year-old structure will make it through once again.

"It survived the '64 quake. We're hoping maybe it's just minor damage, but as you know we have to err on the side of caution," Jones said.

The club makes some of its money by renting out the building for events, but that isn't possible now. The women hope to be able to offer the building to other groups again soon.

In addition to taking care of the old schoolhouse, the Anchorage Women's Club also participates in charitable events and has attended every naturalization ceremony for the last 45 years, helping the new citizens register to vote.

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