A 26-year-old Anchorage man is facing kidnapping, robbery, theft and assault charges after police say he forced a man to sign over his car.

Police arrested Jourdan Avila at the Barrett Inn on Wednesday.

Anchorage police say the incident started on Tuesday night when the victim was sitting in his car and was approached by two men, one of them with a gun. The victim said he was forced into the back of his own car, driven around for awhile and eventually brought to a room at the Barrett Inn, where he says Avila forced him to sign over ownership of his vehicle.

Avila left the room, but the victim willingly stayed behind and smoked marijuana with two other people, according to police. Those two people have not been identified. The victim reported the kidnapping to the motel's manager after the three were evicted for smoking in the room, which had been rented to Avila.

Police went to the Barrett Inn on Wednesday afternoon and detained several people, some of whom fled the building. Avila arrived while police were there, driving the victim's car, and was later arrested.

Officers say 36-year-old Travis Smith ran from them and had to be taken to the ground in order to be handcuffed. He's charged with resisting and violation of conditions of release.

Another man police say tried to flee is 32-year-old Conrad Stephens. Police say Stephens shed some clothing while running from them, but was eventually arrested on two outstanding warrants and additionally charged with resisting and violation of conditions of release.

APD stated when they searched two rooms at the Barrett Inn that they found several guns and arrested two people.

Marcus Jones, 47, originally gave officers a fake name and birthdate. He was arrested on three outstanding warrants and also charged with false information and violations of conditions of release.

Jenna Noriega, 33, was also contacted in one of the searched rooms. She also gave a false name at first, but then correctly identified herself. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with false information.

APD says this appears to be an isolated drug-related incident.

Investigators are still determining if any of the people involved in the alleged kidnapping incident are also involved in a shooting at the Barrett Inn on Wednesday. No charges have been filed in relation to the shooting.

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