One of KTVA's very own, Rhonda McBride, was honored by the Anchorage Assembly for her work in telling Alaska's stories.

Tuesday, Assembly member Christopher Constant, introduced a resolution to regularly honor the local media that bring forth the stories of Alaska's communities.

"In this age, we find that the media is often vilified and villainized and used a whipping post; whether you're a politician or somebody who's had a story told about you that you don't like," Constant said. "The fact is the media plays a instrumental piece a role in our community."

Constant was out of town during Friday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake and said he relied on the local media to find out what was happening in Anchorage.

"While my social media feeds were filling up with all kinds of tales of horror and fear, "Constant said. "It just took an hour or two before the local media started to clearly tell the story."

He called McBride one of Alaska's premier storytellers.

"I can tell you, I work in a newsroom at KTVA where that culture, that ethic, is replicated many times over," McBride said.

McBride has been a journalist telling Alaska's stories for 30 years. She moved to Bethel in 1988 to work at KYUK, is currently the host of public affairs show, "Frontiers," and is a driving force in KTVA's newsroom.

"I think that maybe I have been at it a little longer than some. I have a few more gray hairs, but those that I work with are catching up," she added.

Frontiers is a weekly program that airs Saturdays and Sundays at 5 p.m. on KTVA. Each week, McBride and the program explore Alaska's modern-day frontiers through an economic and native cultural lens. To watch past episodes or learn more about the program, click here

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