President Trump has authorized the Coast Guard's budget for two years by signing into law the Frank LoBiondo Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018.

In a release Tuesday, the bill's co-author, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), praises the president's decision.

"In Alaska, we very much appreciate all the work that the Coast Guard does for all of us," Sullivan said. "I’m grateful that my colleagues in Congress, and the president, appreciates them as well.”

The bill authorizes $7.9 billion for operating expenses and $2.6 billion for construction, renovation and improvements of facilities. Sullivan is confident it will help the men and women of the Coast Guard continue protecting our national security.

“This new law includes a number of priorities and provisions of Alaskan interest including a focus on the Coast Guard’s recapitalization efforts, positioning of Coast Guard assets to respond in the Arctic, a plan to address our nation’s ice breaking capabilities and more," Sullivan said.

The new law also permanently exempts fishing boats from the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations about incidental discharge.  Sullivan said those regulations were burdensome to Alaska anglers as they required permits for minor discharges like deck runoff and hosing out fish holds.

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