An Anchorage teacher's video of his own class Friday morning has become a lesson in preparedness, after the footage captured students' disciplined response to last week's massive earthquake.

Mears Middle School teacher Matthew Bennice was shooting some video to show his University of Alaska Anchorage professor when the 7.0 temblor hit at 8:29 a.m.

"Oh gosh. I've never felt shaking like that before," Bennice said on Tuesday.

The video shows seventh and eighth-grade students immediately taking cover under their desks. All of them hit the deck just six seconds after they first felt the quake.

Throughout the video, Bennice said, he and another teacher also remained calm -- a response he chalked up to the students.

"All credit goes to the kids," said Bennice.

Bennice kept the students under their desks until he thought it was safe for them to get up.

"They were immediately under their desks; they were holding on," he said. "They were just speaking to each other calmly but not panicking. They followed instructions perfectly. They were just perfect examples of what we're supposed to be doing in an emergency like that."

Bennice says instincts took over when the quake happened and the class did what they've practiced and what he has trained for. None of his students were injured.

Anchorage School District officials say no student died in the earthquake and only one student was hurt Friday in all ASD schools. The district reports that one student may have suffered a broken wrist.

ASD authorized the release of Bennice's video, which was shown during a district leadership conference on Monday. 

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