Police say the man accused of shooting two other men at a South Anchorage warehouse earlier this week, killing one, admitted to opening fire on them due to their previous history.

Ian Bradford, 28, was arraigned Tuesday afternoon on charges including murder, attempted murder and assault following gunfire early Monday at a warehouse off East Hartzell Road. Police had said Bradford, one of several people initially detained at the warehouse after being caught by a K-9 unit, shot the men during an argument.

In court on Tuesday, Bradford became enraged when he was told he couldn’t contact any of the witnesses in the case, including his girlfriend.

“[She] is my only emotional support in this; we were threatened and those people came after us and threatened to kill us,” Bradford said.

A judge told Bradford that “you do not want to talk about your case.”

A criminal complaint against Bradford, written by APD Detective David Cordie, said officers had followed a Chevrolet Suburban SUV to the warehouse, where its driver stepped inside. Police heard gunfire and found the dead man – identified in the document as Dylan Gregg – still bleeding outside the warehouse at 1630 E. 82nd Ave. The wounded man, Shawn Poloa, crawled out of the building and was taken to a local hospital by medics.

Investigators spoke with a witness to the shooting, Cordie said, who told them that Bradford and the victims “got into a verbal altercation over some vehicle parts” just before Bradford shot them.

“After the shooting Ian used [the witness’s] cellphone to call a female (unknown) and in that conversation Ian confessed to the female that he had shot two people and it would be OK and he loved her,” Cordie wrote.

When Bradford was first interviewed by police, Cordie said, he said the victims had been stealing a window from an SUV at the shop but denied being armed or shooting them. Later, however, he asked to speak with investigators again.

“Bradford told us he was afraid for his life because Shawn shot at him about two years ago,” Cordie wrote. “In addition, Bradford said he was afraid of Dylan too because he had been threatening his family and him.”

After the victims arrived at the warehouse, both wearing hoodies, Bradford told Cordie he got a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol from his van. He then confronted the man.

“Bradford said Shawn reached into his hoodie and he thought Shawn was going to pull a gun so he shot him,” Cordie wrote. “Bradford said Dylan got up and he thought Dylan had a gun on him so he shot him several times. Bradford said Dylan went over to the bathroom and was hiding behind the door holding a what he thought was a broom, so he shot him several times again, because he didn’t know what Dylan was doing in the bathroom.”

Bradford admitted that he reloaded his gun during the shooting, but denied standing over the wounded man and shooting him again – although witnesses told police he had done so. Cordie said Bradford told them he had hidden the gun in the bumper of a nearby RV, in an area where police later found a gun.

Bradford's bail in the case was set Tuesday at $500,000 cash.

Daniella Rivera contributed information to this story.

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