After being sworn in as governor Monday in Kotzebue, Mike Dunleavy thanked educators who helped students when the 7.0 earthquake happened last Friday. He specifically referred to staff in Houston.

"Because folks worked together nobody was seriously injured," Dunleavy said. "Kids got out of the buildings. And with the help of great staff, great teaching staff, aides, secretaries, none of those children were injured. So I'm very grateful for that. There were some nerves rattled, but no injuries."

On Monday, the Anchorage School District showed a video at a leadership conference of a class that had just started a regularly planned lesson when the quake hit. The video shows the control exhibited by students and their teacher, as well as their knowledge of exactly what to do.

The new governor also thanked first responders and crews now working to make repairs around southcentral Alaska.

"It's amazing for a 7.0 earthquake," Dunleavy said. "Anywhere else in this world, I can tell you, even a place like California, very incredibly would have been a number of people killed in that earthquake. But not one person was killed in the state of Alaska. Which I think we all are grateful for and thank God for."

Dunleavy said he drove around Anchorage after the quake and was surprised there wasn't a lot more damage.

"And I was afraid that when we woke up, when we got out of the house, if we got out of the house, that there might not be much left of the city to be honest with you," Dunleavy said. "I was very concerned about that."

Dunleavy also expressed pride at how Alaskans have responded to the earthquake.

He also thanked people in Kotzebue for organizing his swearing-in ceremony with only an hour and a half notice.

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