In a press conference early Sunday morning, Mayor Berkowitz said Anchorage's supply lines are, at this point, "uninterrupted" after being asked about the status of local grocery stores.

"The ships are coming in on schedule," he said. "The stories that I've heard, particularly from the grocery stores, are that even when people were initially concerned, people who might have been reaching for the last item looked over and saw someone else and said 'yes, we're sharing this with you.'"

Mayor Berkowitz said he doesn't anticipate unusual levels of residents heading to the stores.

"I think that, by and large, a lot of the calm that exists here in Anchorage exists because as Alaskans we are always getting ready," he said. "We get ready for the winter time, we stock up, we're prepared."

The mayor also said he would encourage Alaskans to make sure they have emergency preparations in place, including getting the emergency kits they should place, once the ships get in and things settle down.

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