Once again, Mother Nature gets the last word. The University of Alaska Anchorage, like other schools in the area, will remain closed until Wednesday.

Overall, the university came through well with mostly minor damage such as water leaks and broken glass. Structural engineers have inspected the buildings and declared them sound. 

But when you're more like a small city, going through all those buildings takes time. And the process is meticulous. 

"The first thing that we care about is the safety of students and the faculty and the people, but it's true our mission is education and we need to get the students and faculty back in there doing their work," said UAA chancellor Cathy Sandeen. 

There are 900 students who live on campus. Caring for the students means a long list of responsibilities.

"...and ensuring that all three of our halls and apartment complexes had running water, heat, our food services is operational, also has running water heat, gas, and things to feed those students the top priority for us," said Ryan Buchholdt, a member of the facilities management team. 

Finals are scheduled to begin Dec. 10. But Sandeen says the professors will certainly be understanding. After all, they're getting back on track, too.  

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