On Friday morning, Eagle River High School freshman Kira Slama was making video in between class periods when the 7.0 earthquake struck southcentral Alaska. 

"I was just livestreaming with some friends when it happened," Kira said. "The video quality wasn't that good and then we just heard noises." 

Kira was with her stepsister Amaya Gross and friend Amanda Michener during the earthquake. In the video, which Kira posted to her YouTube page, the girls are heard running in confusion with some students shouting, some swearing and some letting out nervous giggles. 

"It went pitch black and I couldn't see anything," Amaya said. "People were just running everywhere. It was so scary." 

The video captures a first-hand look inside a school when the powerful quake struck. 

(Viewer warning: Explicit language)


In a later video, the three teens describe the experience and show the damage to a Mat-Su home.


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