Joe Fedewa's car has seen better days. It looks pretty good, but the same can not be said for this section of Vine Road in Aasilla.

"The road was gone," said Fedewa, as he went out for a drive from his home in Big Lake. He got to a stretch of Vine, just south of the Parks Highway, when the earthquake hit. But, he does not recall much after that.

"The air bag just hit me in the face, I don't know what happened after that, I couldn't see anything," Fedewa said. "I had no idea what was going on, when I stopped up here, I thought the whole road fell in back of me, I didn't know it fell before I hit it."

The car fell about 5 to 6 feet, but in some places, Vine Road fell 20 feet. The result has since drawn plenty of onlookers to look at Mother Nature's fury, including GiGi Lemieux.

"This is an event and we survived it. So, I had to come here with my camera and document," Lemieux said.

Young Adyson Ottinger came out with her father to see the damage. "It's really crazy, crazy how Earth can do this. I'm just glad no one got hurt," said Ottinger.

Vine Road is not the only place around Wasilla that shows the scars of the earthquake.

Traffic is reduced to one lane along a portion of Pittman Road, after cracks appeared in it. State transportation workers said they found even more cracks Saturday.

Crews repair damage to the Palmer Exit off the Parks Highway. The State Transportation Department closed it late Friday night, but reopened one lane late Saturday. No word when drivers will be able to use the rest of it.

Meanwhile, Joe Fedewa has his car again, after tow workers got it out of the massive ditch.

"I couldn't sleep very good last night. I didn't know how I was going to get that dump thing out of there. I'm really glad they came and got it out of there for me," he said.

More good news for Fedewa, he may be able to drive it again, once it's repaired. 

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