Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have passed, but there are still cheap holiday flights available for Alaskans this Travel Tuesday.

Alaska Travelgram's Scott McMurren joined KTVA 11's Daybreak for a look at the best getaways from Anchorage.

When asked what constitutes a good deal, McMurren said it comes down to dollars and sense.

"If I can get Seattle under $120 each way, one way, so $240 round trip... that's stop, drop, and roll," McMurren explained. "If I can get Kona (in Hawaii) under $200 one-way, I'm gone."

McMurren researched and put a list together of what he believes are the top deals domestic and abroad, if you're looking to spend some time outside of Alaska.

Cyber Monday Airfare: Alaska Travelgram's top 10 tickets from Anchorage (one-way)

  1. Orlando $183 (Delta)
  2. Detroit $197 (United)
  3. Salt Lake City $170 (Delta)
  4. Boston $197 (United)
  5. Minneapolis $171 (Delta)
  6. Las Vegas $177 (Delta)
  7. San Francisco $167 (Delta)
  8. Los Angeles (LAX) $146 (Alaska)
  9. Seattle $111 (Delta)
  10. Portland $139 (Alaska)

International Travel (round trip)

  • Liberia, Costa Rica $434 (Delta) Travel January 7 - March 9
  • San Jose, Costa Rica $514 (Delta) Travel January 9 - March 7
  • Seattle to Athens, Greece $505 (Air France) Travel January 10 - March 20

Be aware that some tickets mentioned above are considered basic economy seats, or part of a "saver" category with baggage or seating restrictions. McMurren says even Alaska Airlines is rolling out some cheaper fares, but they do come with a cost.

"The few assigned seats (airlines) allow for (basic economy) are back by the potty, last five rows," McMurren said. "You board last, you can't cancel, you can't change."

For more airfare deals and travel specials, visit Alaska Travelgram's website.

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