Governor Bill Walker says it hasn't happened since 2012 — he will hand off a deficit-free budget to Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy when he is sworn into office on Dec. 3. Walker announced his newly proposed budget plan at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce "Make it Monday Forum."

"We are not trying to make any statement, other than the fact that we wrestled the deficit beast to the ground and hopefully it will not reappear to our detriment," the governor said after the forum.


Walker said Alaskans would be getting a $1,800 dividend under what he calls a "transitional budget" given to the Dunleavy's administration.

Alaskans received a $1,600 dividend payout in October.

Dunleavy's transition team members said they hadn't seen the governor's budget proposal, so they couldn't comment on it. But members did talk about Dunleavy's campaign promise when it comes to the yearly dividend.

"Governor-elect Dunleavy believes that Alaskans are due a full dividend. The statutory formula should be followed and I think you can expect a budget that will reflect that transfer," said Brett Huber, co-chair of Dunleavy's transition policy council.

The governor-elect has also named Huber the senior adviser for his administration.

Dunleavy also wants to repay Alaskans for three years of reduced dividend payments.

Meanwhile, Huber says Dunleavy was clear on the campaign trail that there would be changes in the budget. But on Monday, Huber offered no details on what some of those changes might be.

Governor-elect Dunleavy will be sworn into office a week from Thursday in Noorvik.

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