New music featuring Alaska artists is now coming through the phones for callers waiting on hold with state offices.

According to a release from Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (D-Sitka), it took three years of collaboration for the initiative to be realized. The goal is to give local recording artists another platform to showcase their talents.

Perhaps the most well known artist on the hold track is Grammy-award winning Wasilla-grown rock band Portugal. The Man. The group's hit single "Feel it Still" is one of the five songs in rotation.

The others are "Flicker of Light" by Southeast Alaska electronic duo Whiskey Class; "Mother Carries" by gender-nonconforming psych-folk group Harm from Fairbanks, "Bluebird" by Fairbanks folk band Feeding Frenzy and "Shaax' Sáani" by Tlingit composer Ed Littlefield and the Native Jazz Quartet.

The groups were chosen to reflect and celebrate the creativity and variety of Alaska artists.

You can listen to all five songs here.

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