The man accused of shooting one man and injuring a second Saturday evening was fighting a homeless man he had kicked out of his Fairview business when someone tried to intervene, according to charging documents in the case.

Fue Yang, 41, was arraigned Sunday on charges of first-degree and third-degree assault, as well as reckless endangerment, in the gunfire at City Laundromat at 1139 Gambell St. Both people hurt in the shooting suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

In court, Yang apologized to the man wounded in the shooting.

A charging document against Yang said one of the victims told officers that he “lives on the streets and went into the laundromat to warm up,” but that Yang kicked him out and “was angry.”

Yang then followed the homeless man outside and got into a fight, during which he said Yang hit him in the head five to seven times with a gun in his hand.

The second victim told police he saw the encounter from inside the laundromat.

“[The second victim] went outside the laundromat to break up the altercation,” prosecutors wrote. “Yang then pulled out a gun and shot [the second victim]. Officers observed an entry wound in his lower abdomen, with an exit wound near his rectum.”

Prosecutors said Yang had alerted officers arriving about 5:30 p.m. Saturday that he was carrying a .45-caliber pistol. When he was interviewed at APD headquarters, Yang told police that the homeless man he kicked out of the laundromat “kept asking why he couldn’t stay and arguing that Yang couldn’t kick him out.” When Yang followed the man outside, he said the man struck his hand with the shop’s closing door.

“He said that [the homeless man] was saying things like, ‘What are you going to do, little man?’” prosecutors wrote. “He said that [the man] did not threaten to kill him, but said ‘I can beat you up.’”

Yang said he was afraid the homeless man would pull out a weapon from beneath a blanket he was holding, although he never did so. When Yang and the homeless man were about four feet apart Yang said he pulled out his gun, which didn’t have a round chambered at the time. At that point, Yang said, the homeless man “came swinging at him.”

“Yang felt [the second man] grab him from behind and believed that he was trying to help Yang,” prosecutors wrote. “He said that the gun must have gone off accidentally.”

Surveillance video from the laundromat, reviewed by police, showed Yang emerging from the store, then producing “what appears to be a handgun” and pointing it at the homeless man. Yang then used the gun to strike the homeless man as they fought, until the second victim tried to intervene.

“Immediately upon attempting to break up the altercation the gun appears to fire,” prosecutors wrote. “[The second victim] can be seen running away.”

A judge initially set Yang's bail at a total of $20,000 Sunday. Prosecutors say he has no prior criminal history in Alaska.

Dave Leval contributed information to this story.

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