Reading, writing, and arithmetic are considered the foundation of education. But when discussing classes and subjects that can have a large influence on a student's adult life, gym class tops the list.

Creekside Elementary School physical education teacher Andrew Deckert is this week's Head of the Class.

“If they’re anything like me, they cannot sit still in the classroom," Deckert said. "I know all I wanted to do (in school) was run around. Be kicking a ball, be playing something."

Deckert is in his first year teaching physical education at Creekside Elementary School as a long-term substitute. He faced many challenges at the start of the school year, including a big jump from teaching at the middle school level to elementary.

“Elementary is a little intimidating," admitted Deckert. "The 3rd, 4th, 5th (grades are) all right… the kindergartners/first graders still kind of terrify me. It’s definitely a learning experience on how much you need to simplify (teaching a sport)."

It's a learning experience for Deckert, but he has been able to simplify his lessons to meet the needs of younger students. He's made a big impact in a very short amount of time and it is challenging, but Deckert's known that gym class was his passion since he was a student himself.

"I figured out I wanted to be a teacher," Deckert said. "Trying to figuring out what type (of teacher) I wanted to be, I looked back to the one subject I enjoyed in school. (The) people who meant a lot in my life were my gym teachers, and I figure I might as well do the same thing for the next generation.”

It's a big responsibility, as in some cases Deckert is introducing children to sports. In every case, Deckert is setting his young students up for active and healthy futures.

“I want to leave them (at the end of the school year) with an appreciation and a love of physical activity," Deckert said. "(Teachers) only have (students) for a little bit of time, but they have a lot of life ahead. So it’s all about making sports fun, teaching those base skills they need to build on, and really setting them up so they can go out and play on their own time. Hopefully as they get older... carry it into adulthood even."

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