A man has been convicted of stealing tens of thousands of dollars in marijuana as well as a pickup truck in separate Anchorage cases last winter, according to local prosecutors.

Anchorage District Attorney Rick Allen’s office announced Nicholas Philemonoff was guilty of the Oct. 11, 2017 truck theft and the Jan. 13 marijuana burglary Wednesday, after two local juries handed down their verdicts last month.

Police said at the time of the truck theft that Philemonoff’s two passengers in the stolen 1997 GMC Sierra pickup truck, 30-year-old Christopher Chuckwuk and 23-year-old Zane Roberts, were the city’s first arrests under toughened municipal code targeting riders of stolen vehicles. The vehicle, which had been stolen earlier that morning, was pulled over near O’Malley Road and Lake Otis Parkway.

“Philemonoff was driving away from an area where he and an associate had attempted to trade several tires for marijuana,” prosecutors wrote. “When officers arrived on scene, they saw Philemonoff in the driver’s seat of the truck, using a screwdriver to operate the vehicle. Closer examination of the truck showed that the ignition was punched, the steering column was destroyed, and that the floorboard of the truck was littered with a screwdriver and other hand tools.”

Later that winter Travis Jones told KTVA his marijuana-cultivation firm, Parallel 64, was burglarized on Jan. 13. Surveillance video showed men ripping up immature marijuana plants, then quickly leaving; when Jones posted imagery of the suspects online, he received a tip which helped lead police to Philemonoff at the Coast International Inn.

“Evidence presented in that trial showed that Philemonoff broke into a building that housed a commercial marijuana grow, damaged property inside the building, and stole more than $25,000 worth of marijuana,” prosecutors wrote Wednesday.

The vehicle-theft conviction last week was Philemonoff’s fourth in the past month, according to Allen’s office. In addition, he will be tried Jan. 7 in a St. Paul case on charges of bribing a public servant, fourth-degree assault, witness tampering and resisting arrest.

Superior Court Judge Erin Marston, who presided over both of Philemonoff’s Anchorage trials, scheduled his sentencing in them for Feb. 5.

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