Seven stories, 7 minutes each, from seven community members -- that's what makes a round of Arctic Entries. The program, which celebrates the tradition of oral storytelling, is into its tenth season.

Each season consists of monthly story presentations, and each month has a theme. November's edition is titled "Splitsville: Parting Ways, Creating Rifts, and Doing Something New."

Tickets go on sale Tuesday at 2 p.m. for the Nov. 13 performance and Barendregt notes they don't tend to last long. 

"We're selling out tickets in 6 minutes, as soon as they go live," Paul Barendregt, an Arctic Entries organizer, told KTVA's Daybreak Monday morning.

When it comes to the show's format, Barendregt says there's no particular meaning behind the number seven.

"I think we just kind of settled upon that, 7 minutes being an ideal amount of time to listen to a story and seven people, you know, anybody can stand up and talk for 7 minutes," Barendregt said.

"And then we are also able to have seven people tell their story, condense it down and put it on air in an hour show. We put this on the website,, live recordings, and post it on our local public radio," Barendregt added.

Despite its popularity now, Barendregt notes that Arctic Entries had a much more humble beginning. The idea of a few friends that decided to get together and bring out the best stories of their friends in a small venue. 

"I think everybody realizes everyone has a story to tell. [It's] fun to see people in your community telling these stories. They're not professional storytellers. We work with the storytellers in the weeks leading up to the show, and some of them have a great story right out of the gate, and some just need a little refining on their stories," Barendregt said. "It's just amazing to me to see people around the city want to get up on stage and tell their story."

Each story is personal -- and can be funny, sweet, sad or run the entire gamut. Arctic Entries promotes itself as a venue for building community through storytelling. 

"I think it's bearing your soul to the community and allowing people to hear what your story is and realize there's more depth than maybe they imagined," Barendregt said. 

The November edition of Arctic Entries takes place Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center. For more information, click here.

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