Campaign ads have become relentless as we get down to the wire for Alaska's 2018 election on Tuesday.

You can’t escape those attack ads, even on the Internet. One undecided voter I talked with said they have left her confused and were hindering her ability to reach a decision. She longed for the days when there were only a few ads.

Alas, life is not so simple any more, especially in the modern era of political campaigns.

But this week on Frontiers, we took time out for some political analysis and invited Tom Hewitt and Matt Buxton to help us.

Hewitt is the opinions editor for the Anchorage Daily News and Buxton edits the Midnight Sun, an online publication that focuses almost exclusively on politics.

Both have roots in Fairbanks, which has spawned a number of veteran political journalists – Michael Carey, Dermot Cole, Mike Doogan, to name a few – all writers who cut their teeth in Fairbanks. The Golden Heart City is a place where you can still find a lot of “old Alaska” and hear a lot of great stories that provide insight into what makes Alaska tick – something that’s not always so easy to understand.

Hewitt and Buxton are both young, but they're skillful mechanics when it comes to looking under the hood of Alaska politics. They offer one last check-up as we race towards the finish line of the 2018 election season.

One of the highlights: their analysis of key moments in KTVA’s gubernatorial debate on Thursday. 

We ran out of time to talk about some of the key legislative races to watch that could affect the power structure of the next legislature – so we continued the conversation online.

Hewitt and Buxton also talked about the outsized role independent expenditure groups have played in the campaign. 

Every election is always a political crossroads for Alaska, because we are such a young state. But this election has so much in play – Ballot Measure 1, about a dozen legislative races, and two candidates for governor with very different visions of the future. Hope this week’s show helps to remind all our viewers that it’s important to get out and vote – and let the voices of Alaska be heard, loud and clear.

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