Nearly two weeks after a man's body was found near the Eklutna Power Plant, a possible motive for his shooting death emerges in federal charges, raising questions about what protections exist for confidential informants cooperating with law enforcement. 

A complaint document signed by ATF Special Agent J.R. Crump Friday lays out a months-long drug investigation by the Anchorage Police Department's VICE Unit that resulted in federal drug and weapons charges for 38-year-old Marquis Eloi and 30-year-old Scotty Mataia. 

It also provides enough information to identify an APD confidential informant as recent homicide victim David Cargill. 

The document details five undercover operations to purchase illegal narcotics from Eloi an auto shop on East 66th Avenue during the months of June, July and August. Mataia was present during several of the interactions. 

Each undercover buy was made by a person the document calls "APD Confidential Informant 18-3," and APD had obtained warrants to record audio and video of the majority of them. According to the document, the informant purchased methamphetamine, cocaine, OxyCotin pills, Oxycodone Hydrochloride pills and a loaded, stolen gun at the business. 

On Sept. 6, the document says APD executed a search warrant at the location, seizing 22 firearms, more than $70,000 in cash, ammunition, a document containing numbers that appeared to be a "drug ledger," digital scales, packaging materials and multiple electronic devices. 

Eloi was arrested the same night on state charges related to the confidential informant's drug and gun purchases but was taken to the hospital for health issues. He was discharged from the hospital and taken to jail on Sept. 13, then posted bail and was released the same day.  

The complaint says Eloi's defense attorney received discovery materials in the state case on Oct. 11, which included some of the video and audio recordings made by APD Confidential Informant 18-3. 

By Oct. 16, a family member of the informant reported him missing, telling authorities he was last seen on Oct. 14. 

The informant's body was found on Oct. 17 with gunshot wounds in the torso. 

Through interviews with multiple witnesses, the document says APD learned Confidential Informant 18-3 had visited the business on Oct. 14, where he was seen going behind the building with Eloi and Mataia. The witnesses reported hearing a scream and the sound of a single gunshot. 

Troopers initially responded to the scene where the body was found near Mile 4 of the Old Glenn Highway in Palmer, then turn the investigation over to APD. 

Materials found at the site of the body matched items seen at the business on 66th Avenue, including FastLine brand commercial grade automotive masking film and blue painter's tap. 

During a second search of the business on Oct. 19, the document says when APD showed Mataia a photo of Confidential Informant 18-3, Mataia said the person in the photo was the person "who told on us." 

"MATAIA stated that after reading discovery documents that had been provided to ELOI for the state MICS and MIW charges that they (ELOI and MATAIA) suspected APD Confidential Informant 18-3 as the person that was the confidential informant.

MATAIA stated that ELOI was told by his defense attorney that the state had additional discovery materials including recordings and that ELOI was worried about what was going to be in those recordings."  

Mataia is facing federal charges of drug conspiracy, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of a firearm during and in relation to drug trafficking. 

Eloi is facing federal charges of drug conspiracy and possession of a firearm during relation to drug trafficking. 

On Oct. 19, APD announced the discovery of a body on Oct. 17 in the area of the Eklutna Power Plant. The victim was later identified by APD as 35-year-old David Cargill, who died of multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body. 

An APD spokesperson would not confirm Cargill as Confidential Informant 18-3, but said Monday that APD has only investigated the discovery of one body in that area during the last month: David Cargill's. 

Following the discovery of Cargill's body, APD announced they were looking for a 2008 blue Chevrolet TrailBlazer, with an Alaska license plate JJR552, in connection to the case. 

Anchorage police received a report on Aug. 28 stating David Cargill, who was 31 years old at the time, had sought drugs and "sex for money to a minor that was he knew inside of a vehicle" in the Muldoon area.

The APD Crimes Against Children Unit investigated the allegations, and on Sept. 29, charged Cargill with two counts of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, according to online court records.

The case didn't show up in a search of online court records following Cargill's death, but an APD spokesperson confirmed the same David Cargill was both the suspect in the 2015 case and the victim in the homicide.

KTVA reached out to the Anchorage District Attorney's Office to learn how the charges were resolved but have not yet received a response. 

According to David's mother Deborah Cargill, those charges were dismissed.  

An APD spokesperson declined further comment Monday regarding Cargill's involvement with the VICE unit and the ongoing investigation into his death. 

Court view lists Michael Moberly as Eloi's defense attorney. KTVA left him a voicemail seeking comment. 

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