Jennifer Meyer is going on year one of treatment for a rare form of breast cancer known as triple-negative. Even with fewer options for doctors to fight her cancer, her outlook is positive.

She describes her journey as a race; one she is determined to win. Not just for herself, but for her son. 

Meyer's son died five years before she was diagnosed, but before he passed he ran a marathon to raise money for breast cancer research. 

"I drew a lot of strength from that," Meyer said. "I knew that he ran that race for a reason, and I knew that I could finish my race as well."

The course has taken Jennifer across the country. Because of her rare form of cancer, she traveled to Texas for a second opinion, and spent time at a comprehensive cancer center in Florida. She's had to have surgery and undergo chemotherapy. Yet she's still accomplished several life goals during treatment, including earning a yoga certification. 

"It's made me become a lot more mindful of health," Meyer said of her diagnosis. "I took charge of my own health because today we have to be. We have to be mindful of our own health because we're the only ones that know our body."

Meyer wants other women to know that while they may not be able to completely control what's happening with their body, they can control what happens in their head. When it comes to cancer, she says, attitude is everything.  

"I think that's what's gotten me through all of this treatment, with surgeries. I have had two surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, like the majority of women. But my survival rate was very low for this type of breast cancer, so attitude, mental health is so important and just living a healthy lifestyle," Meyer said. 

Meyer also recommends a book called "Breast Book" by Susan Love. 

"It's called the bible for women with breast cancer, and it really details things that can educate you on the process and decisions you have to make. There are some hard decisions to make through this process," Meyer said. "But mental health is so important in this whole process."

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