A 31-year-old hiker was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter crew on Friday after being attacked by a bear.

The man was hiking on Afognak Island, north of Kodiak, when he was mauled by the bear, receiving multiple cuts to his leg, according to a release.

After the Juneau command center received the satellite call for help from a member of the hiking party on Friday at 1 p.m., a helicopter crew was dispatched from Air Station Kodiak in an MH-60 Jayhawk.

"The Coast Guard in Alaska is best known for maritime search and rescue," Ensign Scott Peters, Anchorage sector command duty officer for the case, said on Friday. "But our helicopter crews often conduct inland search and rescue operations as well. Urgent situations like today require swift response from properly trained people, with assets capable of responding to persons in distress. Today that was us."

When the rescue team arrived, the man was hoisted into the helicopter and taken to Air Station Kodiak where emergency personnel was waiting.

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