In a one-on-one interview Thursday, the Democratic candidate for Alaska governor said crime, tariffs and transparency are major concerns.

Mark Begich said filling positions in Alaska State Troopers and the Department of Corrections that are currently empty is important when we talk about lowering crime. But he also pointed to addiction as a major problem in Alaska crime.

"Be aggressive on these hardened drug dealers that are the scourge of our state," Begich said.

Begich said 80 percent of people in corrections have an addiction, and thinks that there should be better methods to determine results. He said wellness courts have been a good example, and says they work far better than the traditional court system.

"Ninety percent of people who go through wellness courts do not re-offend. Instead, 60-plus percent that go through the court system today, do re-offend .We can do better than what we're doing," Begich said.

He also spoke about working across the aisle with Republicans, directly mentioning President Trump.

"On ANWR, obviously he supports that. I support that," Begich said. "But there's a lot of opportunity to work with the administration, but also pushing back when they're doing the wrong thing against Alaska, and there's a good example on the tariffs."

Begich says he would work with Republican governors in the Gulf Coast, citing fish as a common interest.

"We have to make sure, build a coalition working together, Democrats, Republican governors, to work double-time to push back on the Trump administration, on these tariffs," Begich said. "Because these tariffs are costing Alaska jobs, costing Alaska livelihood and got to do everything we can."

Watch the full interview in the video above.

Editor's note: KTVA reached out to the Dunleavy campaign for a live interview as well, but that request was never confirmed.

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