You can catch me Monday-Friday bright and early, at 6 a.m. on KTVA across the beautiful state of Alaska.

You might be wondering just how I wound up here. It was no accident.

Alaska has always been an itch, a thought, somewhere I wanted to go since I was a kid. The Last Frontier was more than just a motto to me, it was a world of adventure! From the snow-capped peaks to the untamed wildlife, this state has it all.

I grew up in Minnesota and loved the outdoors, and it just so seems that if those two simple things are in your DNA, Alaska comes calling. Or so I’ve come to believe since arriving. It seems more often than not I run into a fellow Minnesotan and we reminisce about days in our homeland. Talks of hot dish and sports disappointment and winter’s bite make me feel right at home. But beyond that, everyone here has been more than welcoming, and that is something you can’t find anywhere else!

Oh, weather!

Talk to any meteorologist and they will tell you — it’s a career of passion. If you don’t love it from day one, it’s not for you. Ever-changing forecasts and endless variables mean you are always learning, and there is no chance you will ever master it.

My passion started out as a love for snow. Even as a kid I would track storms across the plains, hoping for enough of the winter wonder to put on my winter coat and head outside to play in it before it turned to ice. Eventually, snow turned to spring storms and forecasting turned to wanting to know why they even happen.

To answer all of my questions, I went to the University of Wisconsin and studied atmospheric science and never looking into a camera. But life has a weird way of throwing curve balls at you. Years later, I was water skiing for a competition team in Portland, Oregon and one of the boat drivers snuck me into the weather studio at a local station one Saturday to shoot a demo. The rest is history.

Since then I have broadcasted weather on all different platforms for locations all over the world. Even working as a meteorologist on national television before making my way to The Last Frontier!

It’s been one amazing adventure to this point and I don’t plan on stopping now!

If you have any weather questions — or any pro tips for a new Alaskan — don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m just one click and a few buttons away.