Early Thursday morning, Anchorage police dispatch received a 911 call, but the caller yelled something the dispatcher couldn't understand and then hung up. The operator called back, but a man answered the phone and yelled profanities at the dispatcher, according to a release from the Anchorage Police Department.

The call was traced back to the 800 block of North Bunn Street. Officers saw a man coming out of the apartment complex when they arrived and say the man took off running when he realized it was the police.

Police weren't able to locate the man, so they knocked on the door of the apartment but no one answered. Another man, later identified as 61-year-old Melvin L. Fair, yelled profanities from inside the home when the police began knocking on the window. The victim then yelled out for police to enter the apartment.

"That plea for help was followed by a loud sound like someone was getting hit, and then officers could hear the woman screaming," according to the release.

Fearing for the woman's safety, officers forced their way in through the front door.

"[He] was on the floor and bleeding from underneath a swollen eye. The adult female was sitting in a chair; both her face and head were covered in blood and injuries," APD stated.

Police believe the first man who ran away was staying at the apartment with Fair and the female victim. All three had been drinking and doing drugs, APD said, and then Fair and the other man got into a fist fight.

When police arrived and began knocking on the window is when police believe Fair picked up a hammer and hit his girlfriend in the head multiple times.

Fair was arrested and taken to the hospital. He was taken to the Anchorage jail on felony assault charges after being treated.

The victim was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

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