The Alaska Zoo has welcomed its newest member to the zoo family, Cranbeary. The female polar bear arrived Wednesday morning from the Denver Zoo.

Alaska zookeepers say she is in good health, and quickly taking to her new home.

“The entire Alaska Zoo team was incredibly excited to welcome Cranbeary this morning, and we are very pleased that she had a smooth journey and is now in her new home,” said Pat Lampi, executive director of the Alaska Zoo. “She is energetic and immediately began exploring her surroundings, taking in all the new sights, sounds and smells of her habitat.”


Cranbeary will remain in a separate polar bear habitat while she adjusts to her new environment, a standard practice for new animal arrivals. Zoo officials say their ultimate goal is to pair the new female with Lyutyik, the zoo's male polar bear, to encourage breeding and protect the polar bear species.

A web cam link will be provided in the future so the public can view Cranbeary during her acclimation period.

For more information about Cranbeary and any other animals at the Alaska Zoo, visit their website.

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