A married Anchorage man who is accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a teen is facing sexual abuse of a minor and child pornography charges. 

According to charging documents, 33-year-old Jimmy Bedwell's wife went to authorities after she found cell phone evidence that her husband was having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old West High School student. 

That evidence included screenshots of text messages and nude photographs being exchanged between the two. 

"Text dialog accompanying the photographs indicated that at least one of the photographs of [the teen] was taken while [the teen] was at Bedwell's residence," charging documents said. "Additional text dialog indicated that [the teen] had a second cell phone that no one else knew about."

Detectives contacted the 15-year-old's mother about the accusations. She then gave them permission to search her daughter's cell phone and bedroom -- where they later found the second phone, court documents said. 

"[The teen] initially denied being in a relationship with someone older than 18, but eventually admitted to having a non-sexual relationship with Jimmy Bedwell," charging documents said. "The teen] said she had been to Bedwell's home several times and that Bedwell had picked her up in a red jeep and brought her there."

According to charging documents, the teen became emotional and began to cry saying she was worried about Bedwell and did not want anything to happen to him because his "kids need him right now".

Bedwell was contacted by detectives outside of his house and admitted to having the teen over there multiple times. 

"Bedwell admitted that around May 2018, Bedwell began having sexual intercourse with [the teen]. Bedwell confessed to having penile-vaginal sexual intercourse with [the teen] on three separate occasions," charging documents said.

Bedwell is facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor in the second- and third-degrees and possession of child pornography.

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