The Rage City Rollergirls kicked off their 11th season Saturday night.

Saturday's season opener was a mixed team match featuring players from both their international team, the All Stars, and the local Alaska-only team, the Sockeye Sally's.

"We're really upping our athleticism," said one member, Alex "Franny Panties" France. "We work really hard. We're practicing three times a week and on the track and off the track, and I think you're gonna see a lot of hard hitting intense action. Comparable to hockey, but with a little bit of grace you can see only from a female sport."

Two local breweries stepped in to sponsor the night, each backing a team. Team Beer was sponsored by Midnight Sun Brewery, and Team Cider by Double Shovel Cider Co.

The first game of the season ended with Team Cider winning, 155–112.

Their next match is scheduled for Nov. 17, you can find out more on their website,