A footbridge at Westchester Lagoon is coming down over the weekend.

Visitors should be prepared to take some detours, while crews build a replacement bridge at the south end of the lagoon.

Crews were already working Friday on removing parts of the south Westchester Lagoon bridge.

The 300-foot bridge is the third one in the area to be replaced, after a bridge at the north end of the lagoon collapsed in 2014.

A study found all the bridges on the trail were structurally unsound to hold large amounts of weight.

The bridge replacement means they have to close about a mile of trail around Westchester Lagoon, from the Y at the north end that connects to the coastal trail, to the Fish Creek Bridge.

Senior park planner Meave Nevins-Lavtar says there will be a lot going on on the bridge over the next few weeks.

"We are literally taking off the deck of the bridge, so you can see there is a gaping hole in the center of it," Nevins-Lavtar said. "It's going to continue for the next couple of weeks where they take off bits and pieces. The reason they are doing this is because we are testing the pilings underneath so there is a lot of engineering going on underneath and there is a lot of things you can't necessary see. We do have a bridge that is under construction right now and its absolutely un passable what so ever."

This project is expected to be completed in early January and Meave says this bridge should last for the next 100 years.

For your safety, officials say do not cross the fences or the signs for your own safety.

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