Two of the resolutions Alaska Federation of Natives delegates will vote on Saturday reference sexual assault, in relation to the recent Justin Schneider case that made national headlines.

Last month, Schneider pleaded guilty to strangling a Native woman and masturbating on her unconscious body, but received no jail time for the crime.

Some people were outraged at the terms of the plea deal, while others were frustrated to learn that kind of crime is not considered a sex offense in Alaska.

Resolution 18-10 calls for AFN to support a “review of the current State of Alaska sex offense statutes by the Criminal Justice Commission.”

The Alaska Native Justice Center submitted the resolution which reads in part:

WHEREAS: The conduct involved in the recent case in which a defendant strangled a Native woman and ejaculated on her, the latter of which is not considered a sex offense under current Alaska law;

WHEREAS: Changes to the Alaska statues are needed to make the acts involved in the recent case a sex offense.

Resolution 18-11 addresses the disparity Alaska Native women face when it comes to sexual assault.

The resolution reports statistics from the National Institute of Justice that show 56 percent of American Indian and Alaska Native women have experience sexual violence and 90 percent experience sexual violence by a “non-Native perpetrator.”

The Alaska Native Justice Center also submitted Resolution 18-11, which appears to reference the Schneider case as well.

“The levels of investigation, charging, bail and sentencing have shown a disregard for the seriousness of sexual assault and violence against Alaska Native women, regardless of the legal limitations on charging the case as a sex offense,” the resolution reads.

AFN delegates declined to comment on the resolutions on Friday. Delgates will vote on the resolutions Saturday at 10 a.m.

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