ShakeOut: Alaskans prepare for quake they hope doesn't come


It's no secret Alaska shakes a lot. The 49th state is earthquake-prone.

Since earthquakes don't announce their arrival until its too late, Northwood ABC elementary in Anchorage was one of the many spots around the country in prep mode. As the Great Alaska ShakeOut began at 10:18 Thursday morning, students practiced to "Drop, Cover and Hold On."

"We practice to make sure we do it correctly when it actually happens and we have had earthquakes happen during school hours," said principal Deanna Beck. "Our kids have done a great job." 

The ShakeOut is one of a handful of emergency readiness exercises at the school. Monthly fire drills occur as well as ALICE drills for an active shooter situation. 

In Room 12, Kevin Allen's second- and third-grade combination class knew exactly what do when the announcement came over the PA system. Students immediately got under their desks, covered their heads and quieted down. 

"You did really well," Allen said to the kids after the drill. "I love that you had your voices off so that we could hear announcements if something wasn't safe so you did a really great job."